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May 24, 2023
-- Egypt says no deal with Ethiopia on Nile dam filling

-- Ethiopia should stop misleading 'colonial agreements' claims to dodge GERD obligations: Egypt

-- Egypt: Farmers bear brunt of climate change and dam project

May 23, 2023
-- Africa: Arab League Interference in Africa's Development On Ethiopian Dam Project Is Unacceptable

May 20, 2023
-- Arab Summit issues new resolution on GERD

May 20, 2023
-- Ethiopia must halt unilateral dam filling: Arab leaders

May 12, 2023
-- Egypt has no plans to take GERD issue again to UN Security Council at this stage: FM Shoukry

May 2, 2023
-- GERD: No longer a priority for Sudan

April 29, 2023
-- GERD Is A Gait Accompli, So It’s Time To Get Real – Analysis

h5> April 28, 2023
-- Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is a fait accompli, so it’s time to get real

h5> April 25, 2023
-- GERD turbines not working for 2nd month in a row: expert

April 19, 2023
-- 'No other alternative': Egypt worries as climate change, dam project threaten Nile water supply

April 18, 2023
-- Tensions Over Nearly Finished GERD Rooted In National Identity, Experts Say

-- Where is the political deadlock in Egypt headed for?

April 14, 2023
-- Egypt says Ethiopia delaying talks so as to 'buy time' to fill Nile dam

April 13, 2023
-- Ethiopia tells Egypt 'politicising' dam and Nile water benefits no one

-- Egypt slams Ethiopia over GERD 'politicisation' accusation

-- Egypt rejects politicizing GERD crisis

April 12, 2023
-- Egypt accuses Ethiopia of buying time, evading legal responsibility to continue unilateral GERD filling

April 11, 2023
-- GERD puts pressure on Egyptian water resources, Minister

-- Egypt powerless against Ethiopia and its dam

April 8, 2023
-- Ethiopia's GERD dam: A potential boon for all, experts say

April 5, 2023
-- Egypt, Sudan conduct combined military training in light of growing tension over GERD

-- Will Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam trigger another war?

April 4, 2023
-- Renaissance Dam: Ethiopians ask Egypt to stop monopolising Nile waters

-- Egypt, Sudan hold joint military drills as Nile dispute with Ethiopia drags on

April 3, 2023
-- Ethiopian Diaspora Demand Egypt to Change Counterproductive Posture on GERD

April 2, 2023
-- Ethiopia says keen to resume dam talks with Egypt, Sudan

March 28, 2023
-- GERD: Ethiopia continues unilateral action

March 27, 2023
-- Ethiopia says Renaissance dam is 90% complete as alarm grows in Egypt

March 26, 2023
-- The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: Cooperation and Conflict Resolution

-- Ethiopia’s construction figure for GERD ‘exaggerated’: Professor

March 25, 2023
-- Renaissance Dam: Ethiopia announces 90% completion, while Egypt minister says it will harm economic stability

March 24, 2023
-- Ethiopia says construction of Nile mega dam 90pc complete

March 24, 2023
-- Ethiopia says construction of Nile mega dam 90pc complete

March 23, 2023
-- Egypt may withdraw from stalled UAE-based Nile Dam talks with Ethiopia over 'lack of progress'

-- GERD's unilateral practices pose existential threat to 150 mln: Egypt’s Minister to UN

-- GCC reiterates rejection of measures harming Egypt, Sudan water rights due to GERD

March 18, 2023
-- Ethiopia dismisses Egypt's fresh warning on Blue Nile dam

-- Ethiopian FM rejects Egypt’s latest GERD statements

March 16, 2023
-- Blinken talks Gerd dam and calls for Tigray peace on Ethiopia visit

March 15, 2023
-- Against unilateral action on GERD

March 10, 2023
-- Egypt cannot endure water shortage, Sisi warns

March 13, 2023
-- Ethiopia Dismayed By Arab League's Resolution Calling for 'Flexibility' On Filling, Operation of GERD

March 10, 2023
-- Egypt to defend people’s interests if Ethiopia fails to ensure no serious harm caused to downstream states due to GERD: FM

March 9, 2023
-- African Union urged to step in and settle Egypt-Ethiopia dam dispute

-- Arab FMs place GERD as permanent topic on Arab League Council agenda: Shoukry

-- Egypt calls for Arab support in Ethiopia dam dispute

-- How El Sisi lost the cold war over water

-- Egypt calls for Arab support in Ethiopia dam dispute

October 18, 2022
-- Egypt Demands Intl Support, Ethiopia Insists on African Solution to GERD Dispute

October 17, 2022
-- Egypt stresses dangers of GERD filling and operation without binding deal to WWC president

-- El Sisi says Egypt determined to resolve Nile dam dispute with Ethiopia

-- Egypt seeks to solve GERD crisis and avoid any harm, Sisi assures

-- Cairo-Khartoum GERD commission back in business
October 16, 2022
-- Egypt committed to resolving GERD issue to serve interests of all parties: Sisi
October 14, 2022
-- Experts warn climate crisis could exacerbate Nile dam tensions
-- Sudan’s Burhan raises Renaissance Dam deal hopes after meeting with Ethiopia PM
October 7, 2022
-- Uganda's Owen Falls Dam - a Colonial Legacy That Still Stings, 67 Years Later
October 5, 2022
-- FM Shoukry reasserts Egypt's firm stance in the GERD dispute to his Congolese counterpart
September 26, 2022
-- Egypt warns of stalemate in Nile dam dispute
-- Consultations under way between Egypt, Sudan on Ethiopian dam
September 24, 2022
-- Al-Burhan, al-Sisi discuss GERD issue
September 20, 2022
-- Egypt’s Sameh Shoukry: The ‘Lion of Diplomacy’ on the international stage
September 19, 2022
-- Influential ex-negotiator leads Egypt water ministry pending Nile dam talks
September 13, 2022
-- Ethiopia’s deceptions on the Nile
September 9, 2022
-- GERD: New Gulf Support for Egypt, Sudan
-- Egypt determined to disrupt Ethiopia's ties with Uganda
September 5, 2022
-- AFRICA/EGYPT - Dam of the Renaissance, the Churches support agreed and beneficial solutions for Egypt and Ethiopia
September 4, 2022
-- Ethiopia may ask Russia for help in tracking water levels in Nile
September 2, 2022
-- Nile Be Dammed
September 1, 2022
-- The Long-Term Water Politics of Ethiopia's Nile River Mega-Dam
August 27, 2022
-- Egypt rethinks water strategy, starting with new irrigation minister
August 23, 2022
August 19, 2022
-- Ethiopia Says It Demands 'African Solution' for GERD Crisis, Rejects Outside Mediation
August 19, 2022
-- Sudan says it won't retaliate over Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam filling, urges 'cooperation'
-- Egypt hopes high rainfall will lessen impact of Ethiopia's third filling of Nile Dam
August 17, 2022
-- Ethiopia keeps filling Nile mega dam over Egypt’s water objections
-- Third filling of Nile dam heightens Ethiopia-Egypt crisis
-- Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan: What next after GERD’s 3rd filling
August 16, 2022
-- Egypt Renews Adherence to Nile River Water Rights
August 15, 2022
-- Tensions brew over Ethiopia's controversial mega-dam
August 14, 2022
-- Construction of Angololo multi-purpose dam to commence
-- Ethiopia completes third filling of Blue Nile mega-dam reservoir
August 13, 2022
-- Risk of new tensions as Ethiopia completes third filling of Nile mega-dam
August 12, 2022
-- Ethiopia Says Completes Third Filling of Nile Mega-Dam
-- Ethiopia Produces Electricity from GERD’s Second Turbine
-- Ethiopia Says Completes Third Filling of Nile Mega-Dam
-- Ethiopia's controversial mega-dam
-- Ethiopia Says Completes Third Filling of Nile Mega-Dam
-- 3rd filling of Ethiopia’s Nile dam reservoir completed
-- Ethiopia completes third filling of Blue Nile mega-dam
-- Ethiopia completes third filling of controversial Blue Nile mega-dam
-- Ethiopia completes third phase of filling giant Nile dam
-- Ethiopia completes third filling of mega-dam reservoir
-- Ethiopia completes third filling of Blue Nile mega-dam reservoir
-- Ethiopia says completes third filling of mega-dam reservoir
-- Ethiopia completes third filling of mega-dam reservoir: PM
August 11, 2022
-- Ethiopia announces that second turbine in GERD is in operation
-- 2nd turbine turned on at Ethiopia's Nile dam
-- Ethiopia announces that second turbine in GERD is in operation
-- Ethiopia starts power generation from second turbine at mega-dam
-- Ethiopia launches power production from second GERD turbine
-- Ethiopia says 2nd turbine of GERD generating power
August 10, 2022
-- Lavrov sidesteps Nile dam dispute in meetings in Egypt, Ethiopia
August 9, 2022
-- Ethiopia Storing 7 Billion Cubic Meters of Nile Waters
August 8, 2022
-- Egypt frets as Ethiopia's mega dam prepares to come online
-- UAE Believes Successful Conclusion to Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia Talks Over Renaissance Dam Is 'Within Reach'
August 3, 2022
-- Nile dam stand-off resolution ‘within reach’, says UAE
-- Egypt discusses Nile flood scenarios, raises preparedness alongside filling of Renaissance Dam
August 2, 2022
-- Nile dam is just a false pretext for Egypt to pressure Ethiopia
June 29, 2022
-- Egypt’s ‘secret Nile deal’ divides Juba
June 21, 2022
-- Egypt skeptical of Ethiopia's call to resume Nile Dam talks
June 17, 2022
-- Egypt boosts ties with Tanzania amid ongoing Nile dam dispute
June 16, 2022
-- Why Sudan is wary of third filling of Ethiopia Nile dam
June 15, 2022
-- Ethiopia plans to conclude dam construction, export wheat in 2023
-- Sisi Warns Against Undermining Egypt’s Water Share
June 14, 2022
-- Ethiopia Prepares for 3rd GERD Filling, Aboul Gheit Slams UN Security Council
-- Sisi plays down concerns as Ethiopia plans third-filling of controversial dam
-- Sisi lauds Egyptian water conservation programs as Nile dam progresses
June 10, 2022
-- Ethiopia willing to resume controversial Nile dam talks with Egypt and Sudan
-- The third filling of the dam’s reservoir on schedule.
-- June 10 meeting with US Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa Michael Hammer
June 9, 2022
-- President Sisi reiterates call for legal deal on filling, operation of GERD
June 7, 2022
-- Egypt monitoring rainfall at Nile headwaters to prepare for coming flood: Irrigation ministry
June 6, 2022
-- Egypt Stresses Peaceful Solution to Dam Dispute with Ethiopia
June 5, 2022
-- Egypt Adheres to Binding Agreement Ahead of Ethiopia’s 3rd GERD Filling
June 2, 2022
-- Another fait accompli
June 1, 2022
-- Sisi to EU Commissioner: GERD is an existential issue for Egypt, its people
-- Sudan calls out Ethiopia for ‘irresponsible’ comments on filling of the GERD
May 31, 2022
-- Another GERD blow
May 28, 2022
-- Sudan rejects Ethiopian remarks on planned unilateral GERD filling
-- Sudan, Ethiopia blame each other for border violations amid Nile Dam dispute
May 27, 2022
-- Ethiopia to start third filling of GERD in August with no delays: Dam project manager
May 25, 2022
-- 'The Dam' Leaves So Much Unsaid [Cannes Review]
-- GERD an existential issue for Egypt; we're always ready for dialogue to resolve the dispute: FM Shoukry
-- Egypt’s Water Policy After Construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
May 22, 2022
-- Ethiopia courts two downstream countries before third filling of Nile dam
May 20, 2022
-- Egypt Seeks Solution to GERD Crisis that Preserves its Water Interests
May 19, 2022
-- Power Trials Commence at Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Despite Stalled Negotiations and Regional Tensions
-- Disputed borders: Ethiopia and Sudan
May 18, 2022
-- Egypt’s ambassador say US should use leverage with Ethiopia amid Nile dam dispute
-- Egypt to link Nile dam crisis to wider water issues at COP27
-- Morocco shows support to Egypt in Nile dam crisis
May 17, 2022
-- Ethiopia faces new cyberattacks on its Nile dam
-- Egypt’s ambassador say US should use leverage with Ethiopia amid Nile dam dispute
May 16, 2022
-- The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and the Prospect of Cooperation in the Eastern Nile Basin
May 16, 2022
-- South Sudan set to receive 'cheap electricity' from Ethiopia's controversial Grand Renaissance Dam
May 15, 2022
-- Ethiopia to supply South Sudan with electricity, as Nile dam talks continue to falter
May 14, 2022
-- Egypt, Ethiopia compete for US support in Nile dam file
May 11, 2022
-- Egypt Intensifies Arab, European Efforts to Resolve Water, GERD Issues
May 6, 2022
-- Ethiopia’s Nile Dam Filling Further Escalates Tensions with Egypt and Sudan
May 4, 2022
-- Russia-Ukraine war spills over into Nile Dam dispute
April 25, 2022
-- How US retreat will define the Nile dam dispute
-- US disengagement reflects on Nile dam dispute
April 15, 2022
-- Egypt steps up support to Sudan ahead of Nile dam third filling
April 5, 2022
-- UK Becomes Indirectly Involved in GERD Crisis
April 5, 2022
-- Egypt strengthens ties with Rwanda amid Nile dam crisis
April 4, 2022
-- UK is focused on encouraging Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia to reach solution in GERD dispute under AU
April 4, 2022
-- Cairo strengthens its influence in East Africa against Ethiopia
March 31, 2022
-- Sudan’s Burhan: We look at GERD with optimism, hope to reach an agreement 'soon'
March 30, 2022
-- Egypt and Sudan consider water a national security matter: Sisi and Al-Burhan in joint statement
March 30, 2022
-- New consultations over Nile dam inspire optimism in Sudan
March 29, 2022
-- China expands its influence in Horn of Africa, overlooks dispute over Nile dam
March 26, 2022
-- Sisi presses for reaching legally-binding deal on GERD
March 26, 2022
-- Ethiopia’s Dam Project Reflects Shifting Balance of Power in Nile Basin
March 26, 2022
-- Egypt rejects unilateral decisions that harm peoples dependent on Nile for 'life and development': Sisi
March 22, 2022
-- An early assessment of the continent's water security finds Egypt ranked most secure - but climate change presenting threats across Africa
March 22, 2022
-- Egypt deepens military ties with Sudan as Ethiopia moves forward with Nile dam
March 20, 2022
-- Ethiopia aiming to store 10.5 m3 billion in GERD reservoir this summer: Expert
March 19, 2022
-- Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan hold secret talks on GERD dispute in UAE
March 19, 2022
-- Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan Hold Secret Meeting In UAE To Discuss Operation Of GERD: Report
March 18, 2022
-- Ethiopia’s Nile dam was Meles’ endeavor, not Haile Selassie’s
March 18, 2022
-- Ethiopia appoints new ambassador to Egypt
March 16, 2022
-- Flow of water up the middle passage of GERD stopped, expert
March 11, 2022
-- GERD: Potentials and pitfalls
March 10, 2022
-- Ethiopia tries to divide Sudan, Egypt in talks over Nile Dam
March 9, 2022
-- Egypt, Sudan call on Ethiopia to actively engage in serious GERD talks to reach legally binding deal
March 6, 2022
-- The imperialist past that started dam politics between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia
March 6, 2022
-- Nile Basin At a Turning Point As Ethiopian Dam Starts Operations
March 2, 2022
-- With world attention on Ukraine, Nile dam conflict escalates
February 28, 2022
-- Ethiopia's Nile dam: What next for Egypt and Sudan?
February 25, 2022
-- Ethiopia calls Egypt, Sudan latest criticisms over GERD ‘absurd’
February 24, 2022
-- GERD progressing well, won’t hurt downstream countries: MoFA
February 23, 2022
-- Commencement of Power Generation Testament to Cooperation of Ethiopians: HPR Members
-- The Nile Dam launches power generation
-- Ethiopia seeks to cooperate with Egypt, Sudan on dam, says PM
-- Egypt categorically rejects Ethiopia’s unilateral operation of GERD in letter to Security Council
-- Egypt and Sudan fear Ethiopia’s dam could deprive them of Nile water supply
February 21, 2022
-- Ethiopia’s Blue Nile mega-dam explained
February 19, 2022
-- Ethiopia To Start Generating Power From Nile Dam
February 4, 2022
-- GERD: Talks need to resume urgently
January 18, 2022
-- Egypt Reiterates Call for a Legally-binding Agreement on GERD
January 14, 2022
-- President Sisi 'very statesman-like' in approach to GERD problem: Commander of US CENTCOM tells Ahram Online
January 17, 2022
-- Egypt hopes for reaching legally binding deal on GERD
January 13, 2022
-- Ethiopia clears forests at GERD site in preparation for 3rd filling
January 12, 2022
-- Egypt looks to groundwater collection as talks deadlock on Ethiopia dam
-- Constructing huge dam on Nile without coordination with High Dam ‘unprecedented’: minister
January 11, 2022
-- Collaborative Nile dam management to support trust between Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt
January 10, 2022
-- Egypt predicts disaster due to Ethiopia dam
-- Ethiopian GERD Mega-Dam Readying to Test Power Production
January 7 2022
-- EEthiopia to generate electricity from GERD amid negotiations deadlock
January 6 2022
-- Ethiopian GERD Mega-Dam Readying to Test Power Production
December 22, 2021
Water Diplomacy To Deal With Renaissance Dam Crisis – Analysis

December 14, 2021
Egypt Receives GCC Support to Maintain Water Security

December 13, 2021
Gulf states back Egypt in Nile river dam dispute with Ethiopia

December 9, 2021
Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan and the Renaissance Dam

December 6, 2021
Ethiopia 'tells lies' about Egypt's water, share in the Nile: Irrigation minister

December 3, 2021
Ethiopia strives for independence with the Renaissance Dam, but finds opposition from neighbouring countries

November 29,, 2021
FEAR ALONG the NILE Why Egypt sees a massive dam in Ethiopia as a matter of life and death

November 28,, 2021
New Egyptian-Ethiopian escalation over Nile dam

November 25,, 2021
Nile dam dispute can be resolved by exploring alternatives: EU official

November 18,, 2021
Egypt coordinates with Tanzania as Ethiopian dam negotiations paused

Ethiopian civil war adds to uncertainty, tension over Nile Dam dispute

November 14,, 2021
Israel needs peace in Ethiopia

November 11,, 2021
Call for talks with Ethiopia raises questions about Egypt's game plan

In calling for talks with Ethiopia, was Egypt disconnected from events or trying to score…

November 10,, 2021
US calls for ‘good faith negotiations’ on Ethiopia’s Nile dam

Ethiopia's Nile dam 'an existential issue' to Egypt, says El Sisi

In calling for talks with Ethiopia, was Egypt’s FM disconnected from events or trying to score points?

November 9,, 2021
US says encouraging negotiations between Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan over GERD

November 8,, 2021
The GERD’s digital theater

November 3,, 2021
Sudan’s political crisis could complicate Nile dam dispute

Nile Be Dammed Toxic Water Politics Threaten Democracy and Regional Stability

November 2,, 2021
Water Wars on the Nile

Egypt Urges Int’l Community to Pressure Ethiopia on GERD

October 27, 2021
Egypt boosts medical cooperation with African Nile Basin countries

October 26, 2021
With Nile talks stalled, Ethiopia plans to fill dam, buy Turkish drones

EEl Sisi calls for "a binding deal' with Ethiopia over GERD crisis

October 25, 2021
Egypt's Sisi calls for 'abiding deal' with Ethiopia on Renaissance Dam

How to turn confrontation about Africa’s biggest hydropower dam to cooperation

Sisi Warns Ethiopia against Wasting Time on GERD

October 22, 2021
With Nile talks stalled, Ethiopia plans to fill dam, buy Turkish drones

Moscow denies any bias toward Ethiopia in GERD dilemma

October 21, 2021
Water-poor Egypt eyes quadrupling desalination capacity in 5 years

October 20, 2021
Ethiopia preps for third filling as Nile dam diplomacy stalls

October 19, 2021
Egypt faces unjustified intransigence from Ethiopia over GERD: Sisi

October 17, 2021
What makes GERD a pan African project?

October 16, 2021
Arab Parliament calls on Ethiopia to engage in serious negotiations over GERD

October 15, 2021
El-Sisi claims a fair and balanced agreement on Ethiopian dam

October 14, 2021
Ethiopia's Mega-Dam is About to Reshape the Water Politics of the Nile

Ethiopia 'ready' for GERD talks: Ethiopian Foreign Ministry

October 13, 2021
Ethiopia’s crisis on the Blue Nile

October 12, 2021
Egypt seeks Brazil’s support in Nile dam dispute

Ethiopia's vows of not harming Nile flow to Egypt should translate into binding deal, says Sisi

October 11, 2021
South Sudan President bad talked Ethiopian Prime Minister in Cairo, Egypt.

Egypt, South Sudan presidents discuss Ethiopia Nile dam dispute in Cairo

Egypt says GERD negotiations with Ethiopia 'almost frozen'

October 10, 2021
Egypt and South Sudan hold talks on Ethiopian dam dispute

Ethiopia would have started GERD negotiations in October if not for Tigray conflict

October 9, 2021
Archbishop of Canterbury urges Ethiopia to use mega-dam project 'responsibly'

The GERD dispute and the future of the Nile

October 7, 2021

October 6, 2021
GERD Timeline: From construction till expected resumption of African Union-mediated talks

Let down by Tshisekedi, Sisi turns to Sall, the next AU chair, for GERD support

The Renaissance Dam – a national symbol but a regional quandary

October 5, 2021
Ethiopian PM affirms commitment to completing GERD construction

Egypt to continue negotiations approach to reach GERD deal: Permanent rep. at UN office in Geneva

October 4, 2021
GERD Crucial to Strengthening Regional Integration: PM Abiy

October 3, 2021
Morocco flirts with Ethiopia amid stalled Nile dam talks

September 30, 2021
Navigating the Ongoing Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Negotiations

September 29, 2021
Egypt's Sisi and U.S. Security Adviser Agree to Step up Work on Libya Statement

GERD building without deal ‘direct threat’: Sudan

September 28 2021
GERD: Back in the international arena
September 27 2021
-- Egypt Stresses Need For Binding Deal On Renaissance Dam
-- Ethiopia suspends work of its embassy in Egypt for ‘economic reasons’
September 26 2021
-- Sudan’s Hamdok Raises GERD Crisis at UN General Assembly
-- Rainfall over Nile’s headwaters in Ethiopia expected to continue till end of September: Egyptian irrigation minister
September 25, 2021
-- Sisi warns of ‘grave threat’ from Ethiopia over Nile dispute
September 24, 2021
-- Ethiopia provided false information about GERD operation: minister
September 23, 2021
GERD talks: Likely to resume
September 22, 2021
President Sisi says River Nile lifeline for Egyptians, slams Ethiopia's intransigence in GERD talks
-- Egypt to overhaul hydropower plants amid Nile dam crisis
--Congo renews push to resolve Nile dam dispute
September 21, 2021
--President Sisi says River Nile lifeline for Egyptians, slams Ethiopia's intransigence in GERD talks
--Ethiopia lacked 'sincere' will to reach agreement on GERD dispute in a decade of negotiations: Egypt's irrigation minister
--Ethiopian dam biggest challenge to Egypt water
--Egypt develops ambitious projects to meet growing water needs
September 18, 2021
Sudan FM decries Ethiopia for 'fabricating problems' over GERD, borders
September 17, 2021
--Egypt, Sudan Seek to Resume GERD Negotiations
--Tunisia shocked after Ethiopia doubts its role in GERD negotiations

--Egyptian-Bahraini talks covered latest developments in Ethiopian Dam issue

--Shoukri reiterates Egypt's confidence in Congo-led GERD talks


--:His Majesty King Hamad backs effort to protect legitimate rights, water security in Nile river

--Sudan welcomes Security Council’s call to resume talks on GERD crisis

August 28, 2021
--Ethiopia deems Tunisia’s GERD proposal to the UNSC ‘inappropriate’

August 27, 2021
--Egypt Fears Water Crisis as Global Diplomacy on Ethiopia’s Dam Stagnates

--Ethiopian gov't urges UN to reject Tunisia's motion on Grand Dam

Hydro-politics of the first filling of GERD
--River Nile dam: Reservoir filling up, Ethiopia confirms --Ethiopia begins filling Grand Renaissance dam on Blue Nile -- Why Ethiopia Should Avoid Arbitration as a Means of Dispute Settlement in a Possible Gerd Deal --Ethiopian Government Statement on GERD negotiations --Egypt's Complaint to the UNSC -- Ethiopia's Response to UNSC --SUDAN ASKS UNSC TO DISCOURAGE ETHIOPIA FROM FILLING THE GERD BEFORE COMPREHENSIVE DEAL --MOWIE on resumption of talks -- SUDAN ONCE AGAIN ASKS UNSC TO STOP ETHIOPIA FROM FILLING GERD BEFORE DEAL; US CONTINUES PRESSURE AS SC PREPARES FOR ANOTHER MEETING --Ethiopia's letter of 22 June 2020 to UNSC --Sudan's letter of 24 June 2020 to UNSC --ETHIOPIA TELLS UNSC IT HAS NO LEGAL OBLIGATION TO SEEK EGYPT’S APPROVAL TO FILL THE DAM --SOUTH AFRICAN PRESIDENT CYRIL RAMAPHOSA HOSTING EXTRAORDINARY MEETING TO DISCUSS GERD AHEAD OF UNSC OPEN SESSION --Sudan's Moussa Faki Mahmet, who participated in the meeting, tweeted --BUREAU OF THE ASSEMBLY OF HEADS OF STATE & GOVERNMENT VIDEO-TELECONFERENCE MEETING ON THE GRAND ETHIOPIAN RENAISSANCE DAM, 26 JUNE 2020 --Report of the International Crisis Group (ICG) on 17 June 2020 --Sudan's Moussa Faki Mahmet, who participated in the meeting, tweeted --Sudan's Moussa Faki Mahmet, who participated in the meeting, tweeted
August 31, 2021
--Egyptian Presidential Directives to 'Make Use of Every Drop of Water'

August 28, 2021
--Ethiopia deems Tunisia’s GERD proposal to the UNSC ‘inappropriate’

August 27, 2021
--Egypt Fears Water Crisis as Global Diplomacy on Ethiopia’s Dam Stagnates

--Ethiopian gov't urges UN to reject Tunisia's motion on Grand Dam

August 26, 2021
--Ethiopia Warns Against New Arab Move on GERD


--Ethiopia disapproves of Tunisia’s GERD proposal to the UNSC, deems it ‘inappropriate’

--Arab countries have tools to pressure Ethiopia on its intransigence in GERD dispute: Arab Parliament speaker

--Egypt finds solution to contain water flow in River Nile amid Ethiopia's defiance

August 24, 2021
--Water sustainability: Egypt’s only choice is to connect the Congo River with the Nile

August 16, 2021
--Russia and the GERD: An uneasy balancing act

--Egypt’s Sisi, CIA Director Discuss Ethiopian Dam Crisis

August 15, 2021
--Tunisia Expresses Support to Egypt in Reaching Agreement on GERD

August 14, 2021
--Diaspora financing GERD construction, expediting development

August 12, 2021<
--The Takeaway: Egypt weighs options on Nile dam as Ethiopia escalates war in Tigray

--Russia denies siding with Ethiopia in Nile dam dispute

August 11, 2021
--This Is the World's Longest River, for Now

August 10, 2021
--Egypt, Israel, and Nile Water Conspiracies

--Algeria: president confident about initiative to solve Renaissance Dam crisis

August 7, 2021
--GERD dispute sees support from Moscow to reach agreement

August 6, 2021
--Sudan in talks with Ethiopia to buy 1,000 megawatts of electricity - SUNA

--Czech shares with Egypt same concerns about GERD issue, encourages negotiations: FM

--Diplomatic efforts fail to resolve dispute over Ethiopian dam project

August 5, 2021
--Can Algerian mediation bring sides closer in Nile dam dispute?

August 4, 2021
--Egypt announces four-point plan to mitigate possible water crisis

August 3, 2021
--Ethiopia Seeks to Overcome Internal Divisions by Attracting Donations for GERD

--Czech shares with Egypt same concerns about GERD issue, encourages negotiations: FM

August 2, 2021
--Sudan welcomes GERD talks

July 31, 2021
--China in the middle of Nile mega-dam feud

--Algeria offers mediation of Ethiopia Renaissance Dam dispute

--Algerian foreign minister visits Khartoum after Addis Ababa

--Neither the Security Council nor the AU is grasping the GERD nettle

July 30, 2021
--Ethiopia's Dam Raises Possibility of Water Conflict on the Nile

--Ethiopian dam, crisis in Tunisia focus Egypt-France talks

--Agreement on GERD essential to safety of Sudan population

--Sudan Calls For Tripartite Agreement On Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

July 29, 2021
--Ethiopia asks Algeria to correct Arab League’s 'misperceptions' about GERD

--Ethiopia filled GERD with only 4 bcm: Sudanese minister

--Ethiopia says 2nd GERD filling 'done according to 2015 DoP' with Egypt, Sudan

--Egypt insists on binding agreement on Ethiopian dam

--Sudan Says Return to GERD Negotiations Subject to Change in Method

--Sudan reiterates its rejection of any unilateral Ethiopian action concerning GERD

July 28, 2021
--Sudan Renews Warning on Nile Dam, Moves to Avert Water Shortages

--Egypt, Sudan Politicising Renaissance Dam Construction – Ethiopian Diplomat

July 27, 2021
--Egypt, Sudan Politicising Renaissance Dam Construction, Ethiopian Diplomat Says

July 26, 2021
--Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: A Unifying Peoples’ Project

--Angering Egypt and Sudan, Ethiopia completes second phase of filling Africa's largest dam

--What next for Nile dam dispute after Ethiopia’s second-stage filling?

July 25, 2021
--Ethiopian dam dispute: How Tel Aviv fishing in troubled Nile waters?

July 24, 2021
--Ethiopians celebrate second filling of controversial Nile dam

--Ethiopia’s dam: a lifeline or a show of power?

--Can Israel help tensions surrounding the Nile? - opinion

--Russia rejects attempts to link its military cooperation with Ethiopia with GERD dispute

July 23, 2021
--Ethiopia’s completion of second-year filling confounds Egypt’s calculations

--GERD will be symbol of regional cooperation: says Ethiopian premier

--Joe Show This Week: How Egypt defeated Ethiopia with Sameh Shoukry's 'Body Language'

July 22, 2021
--Ethiopia calls for ‘win-win’ solution on GERD, but says will not sign permanent legal deal

--US highlights importance of AU’s role in mediating GERD talks

--Following second filling, US urges Ethiopia to resolve GERD crisis

--Israel rejoins African Union as an observer

--Ethiopia announces successful 2nd filling of GERD reservoir, reassures downstream countries

--Israel Catches Overflow of Egyptian Ire in Blue Nile Dam Dispute

--Egypt hopes China can break deadlock in Nile dam dispute

July 21, 2021
--Addis Ababa failed to fill GERD reservoir: researcher

--Egypt and UK talk about Palestine and Ethiopia's dam

--Sudan will spare no effort to reach binding agreement on GERD : Hamdok

--Could Israel help Egypt break Nile dam deadlock?

--Completion of 2nd GERD’s filling necessitates a shift in trilateral negotiations

July 20, 2021
--Africa’s largest hydropower project GERD delayed by Sudan-Ethiopia talks

--Ethiopia TV Announces The Finalizing of The 2nd Phase of Filling The GERD Dam

--Ethiopia completed GERD’s second filling, announces Abiy Ahmed

July 19, 2021
--Sudan warns of rise in Nile waters as heavy rains strike

--Ethiopia hits second-year target for filling Nile mega-dam

--Israel rejected Egypt's request it mediate Ethiopia dam talks, media reports

--Ethiopia Says Second Filling of Giant Dam on Blue Nile Complete

July 18, 2021
--Egypt to reject Ethiopia's unilateral decision on Nile dam as water levels drop in Sudan

--Water Security Beyond the Nile Dam

July 17, 2021
--Egypt seeks global push in Ethiopian dam talks

--GERD and Ethiopia's fallacies

July 16, 2021<
--Egypt disappointed by Russian stance on Nile dam dispute

--Sisi warns Ethiopia that Egypt’s water share is a ‘red line’

--Egypt's president defends dialogue to resolve dispute with Ethiopia

--Egypt, Sudan Oppose GERD to Stop Ethiopia from Becoming Regional Power: Activist

--Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: Promising to transform Ethiopia from growth to development

July 14, 2021
--EU Prepared to Take on ‘Bigger Role’ in GERD Talks

--As water scarcity intensifies, so does the battle for resources in the world’s drought-hit regions

--Saudi Govt Stresses Need to Preserve Egypt, Sudan’s Nile Water Rights

July 13, 2021
--The Renaissance Dam after the Security Council

--The Dire Downstream Impacts Of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam On Nile River

--UN role in Nile dam row 'unhelpful', says Ethiopia

--UN role in Nile dam row 'unhelpful', says Ethiopia

--EU ‘not satisfied’ with Ethiopian unilateral decisions on Nile dam: Egyptian minister

--Egypt says it appreciates EU position on the GERD issue

--Egypt, Sudan pursue colonial treaties demanding binding GERD deal


--Sudan praises Russia for calling to avoid GERD unilateral filling

July 12, 2021
--Rattling sabers over the Blue Nile

--GERD crisis: After the Security Council, Egypt heads to Brussels

--Kenya backs AU role in resolving Nile dam dispute

--FM lauds Security Council members’ stance on GERD

--Has Egypt achieved international mobilization to protect its interests in Blue Nile?

--UN Security Council members do not want to resolve Renaissance Dam issue, Egypt envoy says

--“The country may lose the dispute, and its future”: The dangerous standoff over Ethiopia’s Nile dam

--Giant dam is messing up water in Africa even before it is filled

--Tunisia attempts to find an alternative way out of the GERD crisis

--Europe can help prevent a ‘water war’ over Ethiopia’s Nile dam

July 10, 2021
--Ethiopian PM underplays impact of Nile dam on Egypt, Sudan

--Security Council situation on GERD complicated, Ethiopia’s argument weak: Egypt FM

--US says ready to provide political, technical support to Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia in GERD issue

--Egypt and Sudan raise concerns to UN about Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam --Egypt and Ethiopia Clash Over Nile River Dam as Water Scarcity Looms World-Wide

--Sisi Says Egypt Holds Onto Legally-Binding Agreement on GERD

--UN Security Council backs African Union mediation over Renaissance Dam

--US says ready to provide political, technical support to Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia in GERD issue

--Ethiopia claims victory over Security Council’s support for African mediation in Nile dam row

--U.S. calls for urgent resumption of the AU-led GERD talks

--US says ready to provide political, technical support to Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia in GERD issue

July 9, 2021
--Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and Nile logjam

--Water jaw-jaw is better than water war-war

--Dam solidarity in North Africa

--Ethiopian PM tells Egypt, Sudan GERD can be source for cooperation

--Egypt will 'uphold and protect its inherent right to life,' FM Shoukry tells UNSC

--Statement of Egypt's Foreign Minister before UNSC session on GERD

--China backs African Union effort to resolve Ethiopian mega-dam dispute

--Egypt to Security Council: Ethiopian dam an ‘existential threat’

--Egypt warns Europe against illegal immigration amid Nile dam impasse

--Ethiopian PM tells Egypt, Sudan GERD can be source for cooperation

--Egypt, Sudan exchange strong words with Ethiopia at UN session on Nile dam

--Egypt, Sudan exchange strong words with Ethiopia at UN session on Nile dam


--Agreement on Nile dam dispute ‘can be reached’, says UN

--Nile dam deal among Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan is possible, UN says

--Sudan, Egypt urge Security Council vote for binding deal on GERD

--UN position in Ethiopia dam negotiation praised

--Egypt: UN Security Council Supports African Union Effort to End Nile Dam Dispute

--Nile dam deal between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan is possible, UN says

--Diplomats urge dialogue over Nile dam dispute

--Egypt/Ethiopia/Sudan: Cairo calls for UNSC as last resort on GERD --UN backs AU mediation bid over disputed Nile Dam

--Egypt facing 'existential threat' due to Ethiopia's GERD on Nile
July 8, 2021
--Egypt’s stocks end week in red ahead of UN meeting on Ethiopia dam

--Egypt wants binding agreement with Ethiopia on GERD

--UNSC to discuss Ethiopia dam amid strained ties with Egypt, Sudan


--Egypt Takes Its ‘Red Line’ Nile Dam Fight to Security Council

--Int'l community must push Ethiopia into serious GERD talks: Egypt's FM tells UN chief

--Egypt, Sudan continue preparations for UNSC session on Ethiopia's GERD

--Battle for the Nile: Why Ethiopia’s GERD reservoir filling may be just the start of Egypt’s worries

--Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia must share water sources, UN says

July 7, 2021
--Uncertainties surround fate of Egypt, Sudan efforts at UN over Nile dam crisis

--Saudi backs Egypt, Sudan in Ethiopia dam dispute

--Why Filling Ethiopia’s Mega-Dam Riles Nile Region

--UN Security Council resolution sought over Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

--Blue Nile: U.N Calls On Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt To Reconvene

--Ethiopia slams Arab League 'meddling' on Nile mega dam

July 6, 2021
--Saudi Arabia offers support for Egypt, Sudan in Ethiopia dam dispute

--Ethiopia clearly seeks to 'drive a wedge' between Arab League, African Union over GERD: Statement

--U.N. Urges Ethiopia, Egypt And Sudan To Recommit To Dam Talks

--Ethiopia informs Egypt, Sudan that second filling of Nile dam has begun

--Sudan says Ethiopia’s notification on resuming GERD filling ‘useless’ amid lack of final deal

--FM Shoukry meets China and Russia's representatives in UNSC ahead of Thursday's GERD session

--War of words heats up in battle over Nile water

--Egypt says Ethiopia filling Nile dam again despite objections

--Egypt provoked by the Ethiopian move to fill the controversial GERD.

--Egypt and Ethiopia at war, virtually, over the Renaissance Dam

--Ethiopia slams Arab League ‘meddling’ in Nile mega-dam dispute, following reports the country has begun filling the dam's reservoir

--UN Security Council to try to unblock tensions around Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

--Ethiopia writes letter to UN Security Council protesting Arab League’s meddling on Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)

--Egypt, Sudan Denounce Nile Dam Filling and Sound Security Alarm

--Egypt angry as it says Ethiopia has resumed filling GERD

--Egypt, Sudan Foreign Ministers meet as Ethiopia begins 2nd filling of GERD


--With God on our side: Egypt, Ethiopia, and religion in the Nile dam dispute

--Ethiopia Begins Filling Dam Ahead of UN Meeting, Egypt Says

--Egypt 'categorically rejects' Ethiopia's decision to start second filling of GERD reservoir

--Sudan calls for 'external' pressure on Ethiopia to return to GERD negotiations, prevent unilateral filling

--Egypt, Sudan Denounce Nile Dam Filling and Sound Security Alarm

--Ethiopia resumes filling Nile mega-dam reservoir, angering Egypt

July 5, 2021
--Ethiopia begins disputed filling of dam amid tensions

--Egypt notified that Ethiopia has resumed filling of giant dam

--Ethiopia begins second stage of filling mega-dam, angering Egypt

--Egypt reports that Ethiopia has resumed filling giant dam

--Ethiopia begins disputed filling of dam amid tensions

--Egypt Notified That Ethiopia Has Resumed Filling Of Dam

--Egypt 'categorically rejects' Ethiopia's decision to start second filling of GERD reservoir

--Sudan resorted to UNSC because GERD poses a threat to regional security: Minister

--UN Security Council to meet on controversial Ethiopia mega dam project

--UN Security Council to meet on controversial Ethiopian GERD dam project

July 4, 2021
--Egypt FM seeks UN counsel in GERD dispute amid Ethiopia threats

--Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam: Has diplomacy failed?

--UN Security Council to Discuss GERD Dispute on Thursday

--Public raises over 1.9 billion Birr for GERD

--President Sisi says negotiations with Ethiopia over GERD cannot go on indefinitely

--Egypt's Sisi says negotiations with Ethiopia over GERD dispute should not last forever

--Security Council's upcoming GERD session 'unprecedented' amid seriousness of situation: FM Shoukry

--Egypt seeks to reach legally binding agreement on GERD filling

--'Unknown water future awaits Egypt due to Renaissance Dam,' says scientist Hajji

--Egypt says Ethiopia has shown no political will to reach agreement on GERD

July 3, 2021
--Egyptian minister accuses Ethiopia of intransigence over GERD

--Egypt Pushes Towards Resuming GERD Negotiations

July 2, 2021
--Egypt Says Has No Objections to Any Ethiopian Dam

--UN Security Council refrains from ruling on Ethiopian dam dispute

--Egypt doesn’t oppose GERD, but rejects Ethiopia's unilateral measures, says Egyptian Irrigation minister

--UN Security Council to meet on Nile dam dispute but doubts persist

--Renaissance Dam crisis 'beyond the scope' of UN Security Council

--US Security Council likely to meet next week on Ethiopia dam

July 1, 2021
--Egypt has no objections to any Ethiopian dam but wants fair deal, says minister

--South Sudan think tank backs Ethiopia on ‘full right’ to construct mega dam

June 30, 2021
--Egypt Hinges on UN Action to Help Solve GERD Dispute

--Egypt may be looking for a military solution to Ethiopia dam dispute

June 29, 2021
--State Department official: There are ‘technical solutions’ to Nile River dam issue

--GERD: Back to the Security Council

June 28, 2021
--Sudan rejects Ethiopia’s plan to fill Nile dam for second time

--Sudan Receives Ethiopia’s Interim Deal Proposal on GERD

--Egypt's Nile strategy

--Egypt meets America in Rome to discuss a ‘number of issues’

--Sudan rejects Ethiopia’s plan to fill Nile dam for second time

--Sudan rejects Ethiopian plan to fill giant dam a second time: senior official

June 27, 2021
--FM says Egypt seeks final deal on GERD filling, operation

--Egypt warns Ethiopia over starring into its bilateral relationships with South Sudan

--Sudan rejects Ethiopian plan to fill giant dam a second time - senior official

June 26, 2021
--Manitoba group raises over $106K for Ethiopia's Blue Nile dam

--Egypt heads to South Sudan amid stalled Nile dam dispute

--Egypt turns to Tanzania on Nile dam dispute

--Ethiopia Rejects UN Intervention in GERD Dispute

June 25, 2021
--Egypt Holds Onto Talks over GERD

--Ethiopia Blue Nile dam has neighbouring countries fearing for their water supplies

--Ethiopia rejects UN Security Council mediation in GERD crisis

--Ethiopia rejects Sudan's request to take Nile Dam issue to UN

--Ethiopia's Great Renaissance Dam Risks Diplomatic Blowup

June 24, 2021

June 23, 2021
--Egypt stresses need for negotiated settlement on Renaissance Dam

--“Incoming government should ensure GERD’s Completion”: Voters, observers

--Sudan calls on UN Security Council to meet on controversial Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

--EU urges Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia to discuss solutions to Nile dam crisis

--Sudan Asks UN Security Council to Meet over Ethiopia’s Controversial Blue Nile Dam

--Sudan asks U.N. Security Council to meet over Ethiopia's Blue Nile dam

June 22, 2021
--Somalia: How GERD is steering Mogadishu into the crossfires of Egypt & Ethiopia

June 21, 2021
--Ethiopia can’t make complete 2nd filling due to GERD inefficiency, Egyptian minister

--Filling of GERD will go as scheduled – Ethiopian Minister

--Renaissance Dam crisis in danger of exploding

June 20, 2021 --Egyptian journalist threatens to destroy Ethiopian if dam diverted

June 19, 2021
--Sudan rules out force to stop Ethiopia's second filling of Renaissance Dam

June 18, 2021
--Higher Education Public Diplomacy Center Established for GERD

June 17, 2021
--Ethiopia’s Top Islamic cleric laments ‘untruthful claims’ by Egyptian Al-Azhar Sheikh over GERD

--Ethiopia Regrets Arab Support for Egypt, Sudan

--Filling of GERD will go as per Schedule: Minister reaffirms

June 16, 2021
--Ethiopia to build new dam on Nile tributary

--Ethiopia slams Arab League resolution backing Egypt, Sudan in GERD dispute, vows to proceed with second filling

--We will support brotherly Arab states in Renaissance Dam crisis

--Ethiopia rejects Arab League resolution on Renaissance Dam

June 15, 2021
--Ethiopia's insistence on unilaterally filling GERD violates international law, Shoukry tells Arab FMs

--Ethiopia slams Arab League resolution backing Egypt, Sudan in GERD dispute, vows to proceed with second filling

--Egypt calls for time frame on Ethiopia dam talks

--Arab Foreign Ministers Meet in Qatar to Discuss Nile Dam Conflict

--Arab Ministers Urge UN Security Council to Discuss Nile Dam

--Arab League backs calls for UN intervention in dam dispute

June 14, 2021
--Egypt fumes as Ethiopia ‘contaminates’ Sudan drinking water stations

--Egypt’s FM responds to rumors of Ethiopian water purchase

--Sudan says it is open to conditional interim deal on Ethiopia dam

--As Ethiopia Completes Dam Project, Could Its Neighbours Go to War Over Waters of the River Nile?

June 13, 2021
--South Sudan’s irrigation minister to travel to Addis Ababa tomorrow

--Egypt complains to UN of Ethiopia's measures on Nile dam fill

--Qatar to host Arab meeting on Renaissance Dam dispute

--Egypt whistleblower Mohamed Ali calls for Nile Revolution on 10 July

--Egypt asks UN for help on long-running dam dispute with Ethiopia

June 12, 2021
--Egypt’s Al-Azhar clerics speak out against Ethiopia on Nile dam crisis

--Egypt's irrigation minister accuses Ethiopia of spoiling Sudan's drinking stations

June 11, 2021
--Egypt, Sudan voice deep concern over GERD 2nd filling possible menace

--Egypt accuses Ethiopia of releasing muddy water downstream Nile

June 10, 2021
--Egypt delegation visits Sudan to discuss Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam

June 9, 2021
--Sisi, Tanzanian president agree on need to back GERD talks with Ethiopia, Sudan

--New front to protect Nile River raises controversy in Egypt Read more:

--Egypt and Sudan urge Ethiopia to negotiate seriously over giant dam

--The Takeaway: US looks to Gulf to help break deadlock in Nile Dam dispute

--New front to protect Nile River raises controversy in Egypt

--Sudan, Egypt renew calls for int'l role in Ethiopia dispute

--Egyptian concerns grow amid Ethiopia’s plan to build dozens of dams

--Egyptian ministers head to Khartoum to discuss GERD file

June 7, 2021
--Egyptian diplomat jailed after Ethiopia dam comments

--Egypt MP: UAE financing Ethiopia dam project

--Egyptian MP accuses 'Arab country' of financing Renaissance Dam without naming it

--Nile dam talks collapse as Sudan seeks clarification on experts

--Ethiopian action on Renaissance Dam rejected as unilateral act, says Egypt

June 6, 2021
--Dams and the Technology-Development Nexus: The Case of the GERD

--Sudan's FM says Ethiopia's intransigence over GERD may drag region into 'ominous slides'

--Egypt keen on resuming GERD negotiations with Sudan, Ethiopia: Irrigation minister

--Egypt, Sudan still need to reach deal on GERD regardless of water volume to be stored in 2nd filling: Experts

June 5, 2021
--Ethiopia Says Not Seeking to Harm Egypt, Sudan through GERD

June 4, 2021
--Egypt turns to China for water advice amid Nile dam crisis

June 3, 2021
--Voices from the Arab press: Juncture in Ethiopian-Egyptian relations

--Ethiopia shifted focus to Nile water shares after 10 years of negotiation on GERD's filling, operating rules: Sudan to EU

--GERD: ‘A regrettable approach’

June 2, 2021
--Egypt has a water problem—and no, it’s not only the GERD

--Ethiopia’s Plan to Build New Dams Raises Tension with Cairo

June 1, 2021
--Sudan lobbying against Ethiopia over GERD

--Egyptians slam Ethiopian premier's announcement of '100 more dams'

--Egypt rejects Ethiopian PM statements on building 100 dams within a year

--Egypt rejects Ethiopia's ill will to build more dams

--Winter is coming

--Egypt, Sudan conclude joint military drill amid tensions with Ethiopia

Nile News May 31, 2021

--Egypt slams statements by Ethiopia PM on building over 100 dams; says they reveal 'ill intent'

--Egypt amasses allies to check Ethiopia stance on the Nile

--US to continue diplomatic efforts to reach fair solution to GERD dispute: State Department

--Egypt, Sudan conclude war games amid Ethiopia’s dam dispute

--Egypt, Sudan conclude war games amid Ethiopia’s dam dispute

Nile News May 30, 2021

--Sall calls to use the Senegal River’s experience to settle GERD dispute

Nile News May 29, 2021

--Sudan and Egypt hold breath as GERD filling allegedly begins

--Sudan’s foreign minister holds talks in Nigeria, Ghana over GERD dispute

Nile News May 27, 2021

--Egypt, Djibouti stress legal deal on GERD necessary to preserve regional stability

Nile News May 26, 2021

--Sisi's failure to consult Egyptians over Renaissance Dam sparks legal complaint

--Nile dam second filling likely due to rainfall, say experts

--Blinken says he discussed with Sisi Egypt's water needs, Ethiopian dam

Nile News May 25, 2021

--Ethiopia Denies It’s Begun Second Filling of Giant Hydro Dam

--Ethiopia started second filling of GERD in early May: Sudanese official

--Ethiopia began second phase of filling giant dam in early May, Sudan says

--Ethiopia sticking to plans to implement second filling of GERD as scheduled

--Sisi, Biden discuss developments in Palestine, GERD and Libya

--Can Egypt avoid being harmed by second filling of Nile dam?

--Egypt Says to Adopt Measures to Avoid GERD Water Crisis

Nile News May 24, 2021

--Egyptian minister hopes on-hold dam talks will resume soon

--Egypt will not allow water crisis to occur due to Ethiopia's 2nd filling of GERD: Irrigation minister

Nile News May 23, 2021

--Ethiopia’s unwavering faith in African solution for GERD disputes: Are Africans failing Ethiopia ?

--South Sudan wants to be part of Ethiopian-Egyptian dam talks

--Diaspora in US, Europe on homeland defending, GERD

--Ethiopian diaspora uphold commitment to GERD

Nile News May 22, 2021

--Egypt, Sudan to hold joint drill amid tensions with Ethiopia

--Ethiopia's planned unilateral 2nd filling of GERD violates int'l law, 2015 Declaration of Principles: Egypt FM

--Egyptians talk GERD: Joy and worry on the Nile

--Ethiopia optimistic of immediate AU-led GERD talks resumption


Nile News May 21, 2021

--Egypt reiterates rejection of unilateral measures on GERD as Ethiopia plans second filling

--African, Sudanese NGOs raise alarm bell over Ethiopian dam dispute

--Ethiopia to begin generating electricity from Blue Nile Dam

--Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam still controversial

--Sudan to hold joint war games with Egypt amid dispute over Nile dam project

--Egypt takes measures to contain impacts of Ethiopia's 2nd filling of Nile dam: ministry

Nile News May 20, 2021

--Egypt prepared three scenarios to face GERD’s second filling: Irrigation minister

--Ethiopia set to start generating power from controversial Blue Nile River dam

--Egypt foreign minister says water safe despite Ethiopia dam threat

--Ethiopia: 80% of dam construction complete

--Shoukry: Ethiopia's Second Filling of Dam Won't Affect Egyptian Water Interests

--Ethiopia says 'no force can disrupt' dam progress

--No force can disrupt dam progress: Ethiopian Govt

--Ethiopia's River Nile dam: How it will be filled

Nile News May 19, 2021

--Egypt foreign minister says water safe despite Ethiopia dam threat

--Sudan’s capital flooded, so country should support Ethiopian dam? No, photo of New Orleans after hurricane

--Never the twain: Ethiopia’s ambitions and Egypt’s rights

--France to clear Sudan’s $5 billion debt

Nile News May 18, 2021

--Congo proposes new initiative to break Nile dam deadlock

--The GERD dispute could set a blueprint for China-US collaboration

--The GERD dispute could set a blueprint for China-US collaboration

--China Reiterates Support for AU Led Negotiations on GERD

Nile News May 17, 2021

--China Reiterates Support for AU Led Negotiations on GERD

--AU, US in another attempt to broker Ethiopia dam dispute

Nile News May 16, 2021

--US Intervenes to Break Deadlock in GERD Talks, Avert Military Escalation

Nile News May 15, 2021

--US urges necessity of resuming AU-led negotiations between Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan over GERD

Nile News May 14, 2021

--New African Initiative Expected to Resolve GERD Dispute

Nile News May 13, 2021

--Will renewed US diplomacy help solve Nile dam dispute?

Nile News May 12, 2021

--El-Sisi: Egypt’s water rights ‘will not be violated’

--DR Congo, Ethiopia leaders seek way out of dam impasse

--Egypt and Ethiopia meet in Russia over mega dam dispute

--Ethiopia's prime minister warns of war with Egypt over dam project

Nile News May 11, 2021

--Ethiopia committed to AU-led GERD negotiations: Ethiopian PM

--Ethiopia to generate electricity from Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in August, sparking fears from neighbours

--US-African Efforts Racing against Time to Resolve GERD Crisis

Nile News May 10, 2021

--Pro-Sisi TV host criticises US over stance toward Ethiopia dam

--US committed to helping reach win-win outcome in GERD issue: US envoy tells Ethiopian officials

Nile News May 6, 2021

--Ethiopian President defends Nile dam filling on visit to Niger

--Hamdok: Ethiopia dam is a 'very serious issue'

--Sudan does not want to be at mercy of Ethiopia: Hamdok

--Ethiopia dam threatens safety of half of Sudan's population

--Egypt-Ethiopia: ‘Dam of Discord’ continues to pressure relations

--Where is South Sudan’s share in the Nile’s waters?

Nile News May 5, 2021

--Sudan, U.S Delegate Meet To Discuss Nile Dam Dispute

--Tensions with Egypt and Sudan Could Make Ethiopia’s Dam the ‘Curse of the Nile’

--Controversy around Ethiopia's Nile River dam project explained

--US Special Envoy Travels to Africa in Hopes of Mediating Efforts to Resolve Nile Dispute

Nile News May 4, 2021

--Ethiopia will not take GERD matter seriously unless Egypt and Sudan’s army can join forces: Former FM

--Egypt is flexing its military muscle at Ethiopia

--Congolese president to visit Sudan for talks on GERD filling

Nile News May 2, 2021

--Sudan implies it could take control of contentious Ethiopia dam

--Sudan Is Reconsidering Ethiopia's Sovereignty over Benishangul Region

--GERD two turbines to go operational by August

Nile News May 1, 2021

--Ethiopia to designate TPLF, OLF-Shene as ‘terror’ groups

--Why Egypt's and Sudan's "Fears" Over GERD Are Exaggerated!

--Sudan calls on African leaders to pressure Ethiopia over GERD

--Sudan’s adherence to AU-led GERD talks promising: Ambassador

--Nile Dam dispute could be heading to Security Council

--Nile Dam dispute could be heading to Security Council

--Egypt looks to Kenya for Security Council support in Nile dam crisis

--Tensions rise with the GERD water

Nile News April 30, 2021

--Ethiopia addressed Sudan concerns about GERD filling, Addis Ababa says

--Egypt Parliament Backs Government in GERD Dispute

--UN Security Council tipped to mediate GERD dispute as tensions rise

--GERD second filling ends Egypt’s monopoly of Nile

--Ethiopia refuses mediation to solve Renaissance Dam crisis


Nile News April 29, 2021

--Egypt ‘will not give up a single drop of Nile water,’ vows PM

--Sudan Launches Diplomatic Campaign to Garner Support in GERD Dispute

--Egypt explores water alternatives with Nile dam set to fill

Nile News April 28, 2021

--Ethiopia: Historic water agreements are 'unreasonable'

--GERD second filling imminent despite flip flopping of downstream countries

--Minister Sileshi calls for more support to complete GERD construction

Nile News April 27, 2021

--Is latest Ethiopian proposal on Nile dam talks a play for time?

--Ethiopia downplays Sudan’s threats over Nile dam

--GERD two turbines to go operational by August

--General Hemeti rules out military confrontation with Ethiopia over GERD

Nile News April 25, 2021

--Sudan will resort to International Justice Court if Ethiopia carries out second filling of dam

--Sudan Mulling Int’l Arbitration in Dispute with Ethiopia Over GERD

Nile News April 24, 2021

--Ethiopia’s GERD campaign proves effective : Egyptian journalist

--Egyptian President Meets with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince

--Sudan to sue Ethiopia over unilateral GERD’s filling

--Ethiopia’s GERD campaign proves effective : Egyptian journalist

--Ethiopia rejects fresh invitation for talks on GERD, US steps in again

--Sudan threatens to sue Italian firm implementing Nile dam, Ethiopian gov’t

--Egyptian Foreign Minister visits Tunisia to rally support against Ethiopian dam

--Egypt Seeks Multilateral Int’l Mediation to Resolve GERD Dispute

--Sudan warns of legal action against Ethiopia over dam

--Museveni's Urgent Role On Ethiopian Dam

--Sudan says Ethiopia rejected invitation for dam summit

--Sudan calls on EU to support its position in GERD talks

--GERD crisis shows need for a joint regional approach

--UAE balances ties with Egypt, Ethiopia in Nile Dam Crisis

--Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan: Is the escalating language

--GERD lower exits begin operation in preparation for July filling: Ethiopia

--Egypt FM delivers a message from Sisi to Senegalese president over GERD

--‘Sudan, Egypt need to join Ethiopia to save Nile River basin’

--Abiy rejects Hamdok’s call for tripartite meeting on GERD talks

--Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan trade barbs amid stalled Nile dam talks

--Gerd: Sudan talks tough with Ethiopia over River Nile dam

--Ethiopia proposes urgent solution to Renaissance Dam stalemate

--Egypt's FM discusses GERD issue with Nigerien president

--Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan: Could solar and wind power be the solution to GERD?

--Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan trade barbs amid stalled Nile dam talks

--UPDATED: Ethiopia proposes meeting by AU Assembly Bureau to end GERD stalemate

--GERD: Relentless diplomacy

--Egypt says mega dam constructions will cause ‘great harm’ as Ethiopia urges return to talks

--UPDATED: Ethiopia proposes meeting by AU Assembly Bureau to end GERD stalemate

--Ethiopia accuses Egypt, Sudan of undermining dam talks

--Ethiopia filling the GERD without generating electricity to make Egypt, Sudan suffer: Minister

--Egypt details technical fallacies, Ethiopia completes two GERD bottom outlets

--Sudan briefs Security Council on Nile Dam crisis

--Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam deadlock could be resolved by solar and wind power

--Sudan Calls On Security Council to Intervene, Halt GERD 2nd Filling

--Egypt's FM delivers a message from Sisi to South African counterpart over GERD

--Sudan accuses Ethiopia of threatening its national security

--Sudan calls on Africa to support binding agreement on Ethiopian dam

--Ethiopia Insists on Scheduled Second GERD Filling

--Ethiopia's dam and overpopulation are Egypt's two most serious challenges": Irrigation Minister tells Senate

--Second filling of GERD to take place in July, August; floods in Sudan to be reduced: Ethiopia's PM

--Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed says 2nd filling of GERD in July/August

--Sudan seeks Security Council support in reaching 'comprehensive' GERD deal before 'disastrous' 2nd filling

--Ethiopian Foreign Minister accuses Egypt, Sudan of ‘monopolizing’ Nile as talks stall

--Internationalisation of Renaissance Dam file will not force us to accept colonial agreement

--Sisi Stresses Importance of Reaching Legally Binding Agreement on GERD

--Egypt urges dissuading Ethiopia from taking unilateral action on GERD in letter to UNSC

--Solar and wind power could break the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam deadlock

--Solar and wind power could break the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam deadlock

--Ethiopia says 'politicisation' of GERD crisis will not lead to win-win outcome

--Djibouti: Sisi, Djibouti President Stress Need to Settle Ethiopian Dam Crisis

--Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan talks fail to break Nile Dam deadlock

--Egypt tones down threats to Ethiopia unless Sudanese interests are harmed

--Egypt prepared to handle negative impact of GERD's second filling: Foreign minister tells MPs

--Sisi stresses to Djibouti president importance of reaching GERD settlement to avoid regional instability

--Egypt prepared to handle negative impact of GERD's second filling: Foreign minister tells MPs

--Ethiopia: Talks on Nile dam must focus on filling

--On the Nile Dam, Egypt Plays a Weak Hand

--Nile dam row: Sudan’s PM seeks urgent summit

--Sudan calls summit with Ethiopia, Egypt to resolve Nile Dam dispute

--Sudanese PM urges Egypt, Ethiopia counterparts to attend summit on Nile Dam dispute

--Egypt Seeks International Support in GERD Talks

--Sudan hoping for shift in Ethiopian position on Nile Dam talks, says Nureldin Satti, Sudan’s Ambassador to US

--Russian FM talks Nile dam, defense cooperation in Egypt trip

--Egypt Seeks International Support in GERD Talks

--Egypt appeals to UN to stop Ethiopia from taking unilateral action on GERD

--Sudan invites Egypt, Ethiopia to tripartite talks to discuss 'possible options' on reviving GERD negotiations

--Egyptian claims for Renaissance Dam reach UN

--Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: AU intervention is a good start, but a long road lies ahead

--Egypt FM Shoukry discusses GERD developments with UN secretary general

--Egypt ramps up pressure on Ethiopia over Nile dam

--Egypt welcomes Russia's mediation in Ethiopia dam dispute

--GERD at risk of collapse due to earthquakes, volcanic land in Ethiopia: professor

--Sudan pushes for new methodology for Nile dam talks

--Nile tensions spill over

--Reaching agreement on GERD before July is possible if Ethiopia has 'political will': Sudan irrigation minister

--Disputes around Renaissance Dam should be resolved via dialogue — Russian top diplomat

--Russia believes in a resolution for GERD crisis that guarantees the rights of all three countries: Lavrov

--Egypt reiterates ‘red line’ in Nile dam row with Ethiopia

--Water wars

--Miscalculation syndrome

--Egypt Ready for All Possible Scenarios in GERD Dispute

--Sudan’s Water Minister to Asharq Al-Awsat: Ethiopia’s Proposal Is ‘Suspicious’ as it Seeks Imposing a ‘Fait Accompli’

--Egypt: Former presidential candidate calls for war plan over Ethiopian dam

--Egypt has no problem with GERD's filling, but against sticking to fixed timeframe: Irrigation Ministry spox

--The Nile is not for sale

--Will Nile dam negotiations end in peace or war?

--Egypt warns Ethiopia against GERD action, says will take ‘serious’ measures

--Egypt, Sudan reject Ethiopian proposal for data sharing on Renaissance dam

--Sudan hoards 600 mln water cubic metres at Jebal Aulia dam against possible 'unilateral' second filling of GERD by Ethiopia

--Ethiopia invites Egypt, Sudan to nominate dam operators to exchange data before GERD's second filling

--Dam crisis: Options at hand for Egypt - opinion

--Sudan says Ethiopia refused proposal to reach agreement on GERD within eight weeks during Kinshasa talks

--US, Ethiopia Discuss Importance of Continued Regional Dialogue on GERD

--Sudan rules out armed action over Ethiopia's GERD

--Archbishop of Alexandria warns that dam project has reached a ‘potentially dangerous’ phase

--GERD: Last chance wasted

--Egypt-Sudan alliance shifting in row with Ethiopia over Nile dam

--Resorting to UN Security Council over GERD issue is possible: Sudan

--Uganda, Egypt ink security deal amid strain over Ethiopia dam

--Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: 'All Options Open', Egypt Warns After Another Collapse in Talks

--Linking solar and wind power in eastern Africa with operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

--Egyptian, Sudanese fighter jets fly over the Nile River in training drill

--Hot take: Biden administration faces diplomatic test in Nile Dam crisis

--Ethiopia to go on filling Nile mega-dam despite impasse — minister

--Has diplomacy run out of cards to play to end the Nile dam dispute?

--Egypt, Ethiopia Tensions Escalate as Nile Dam Talks Falter

--Ethiopia accuses Egypt and Sudan of undermining Grand Dam negotiation

--Egypt, Ethiopia Tensions Escalate as Nile Dam Talks Falter

--Egypt: New warning to Ethiopia over Renaissance Dam

--Egypt issues second warning to Ethiopia amid dam deadlock

--The Takeaway: Nile Dam talks fail, crisis escalates

--Egypt’s el-Sisi warns ‘all options open’ after dam talks fail

--GERD: DRC’s Tshisekedi does not get the hoped-for dam agreement

--Egypt, Sudan considering 'all options' regarding GERD dispute with Ethiopia

--Deterrent power

--Kinshasa-hosted GERD meetings conclude; differences persist

--DRC Seeks To Breath New Life Into Nile Dam Talks

--Ethiopia Nile dam talks deadlocked as crisis of reservoir filling approaches

--El-Sisi: Egypt has ‘political will’ for agreement with Ethiopia over Nile dam

--Egyptian President el-Sissi issues stern warning over Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

--GERD Talks Held in Kinshasa, AU Calls for ‘Solid Regional Cooperation’

--Meetings between Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan to re-launch negotiations over GERD resume Monday

--Egypt Says Latest Dam Talks Are ‘Last Chance’ before Second Filling

--Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan to meet Saturday in DR Congo

--New round of GERD talks to start Saturday; Ethiopia starts deforestation in preparation for second filling

--Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain voice support to Egypt, Sudan over GERD

--Egypt’s Sisi warns Ethiopia dam risks ‘unimaginable instability’

--Saudi Arabia rallies Gulf support for Egypt and Sudan over Nile dam row

--Ethiopia Informs Washington it Will Fill GERD as Scheduled

--Egypt / Sudan/ Ethiopia: Will Tshisekedi calm the waters in the GERD dispute?

--GERD talks to be resumed soon: Ethiopian ambassador to Cairo

--UAE calls for maintaining diplomacy, talks over GERD

--No one can take a drop of water from Egypt,' Sisi says on GERD dispute

--US, EU to Mediate in GERD Dispute

--A tough line on the GERD

--Egypt calls for ‘effective talks’ on Nile dam

--Ethiopia must take account of the rights to Nile water of countries downstream

--Deputy FM, US diplomat mull Ethiopia dam's latest updates

--EU ready to mediate in Nile dam crisis

--GERD negotiations need to be effective, serious to maximise success chances: Egypt's deputy FM to US special envoy

--Macron tells Sisi he hopes mutually acceptable solution for GERD is reached as soon as possible

--GERD negotiations need to be effective, serious to maximise success chances: Egypt's deputy FM to US special envoy

--Egypt says Ethiopia's 'unilateral measures' over GERD will result in significant repercussions

--US to send delegation to Africa to discuss GERD issue: Al-Hurra news channel

--Sudanese Delegation Visits Dubai to Discuss UAE Mediation in Disputes with Ethiopia

--Sudan's cabinet backs UAE mediation in border, dam disputes with Ethiopia

--GERD: The July challenge

--GERD brinkmanship

--Jordanian king voices full support to Egypt in GERD dispute: PM Madbouly

--Ethiopia to go on with second filing of GERD in July 2021: Ethiopian PM

--GERD talks to start soon under DRC’s leadership: Ethiopian foreign ministry

--Ethiopia to go on with second filing of GERD in July 2021: Ethiopian PM

--Egypt showed great degree of flexibility during GERD talks:Irrigation min

--Sudan’s Irrigation and Water Resources Minister calls on Ethiopia to accept AU-UN-EU-US mediation

--Ethiopia Acknowledges Int’l Pressure, Egypt’s Diplomatic Weight in GERD Dispute

--Africa: The Imperialist Past That Started Dam Politics Between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia

--Ethiopia Acknowledges Int’l Pressure, Egypt’s Diplomatic Weight in GERD Dispute

--'Egypt won't accept Ethiopia's unilateral steps on dam'

--Ethiopia’s dam over the Nile risks war with Egypt

--Expert Urges Egypt, Sudan to Acknowledge AU's Role, Comply With Dop

--Sisi: Egypt Considers GERD a Matter of National Security

--Ethiopia confirms GERD filling in approaching rainy season

--Ethiopia saying it will fill GERD regardless of deal reflects intention to impose fait accompli: Egypt's foreign ministry

--Will Egypt go to war with Ethiopia over the Grand Renaissance Dam?

--Egypt rebukes Ethiopia's use of 'sovereignty language' over dam

--Sisi, Johnson discuss developments in GERD dispute, Libya

--Egypt Accuses Ethiopia of Monopolizing Nile Waters

--Sudan: Positive response to quadripartite mediation on Renaissance Dam file

--Egypt expresses worry over GERD deadlock to UN General Assembly

--Egypt seeks international help on ‘bitter’ row over Ethiopian mega-dam

--Egypt’s El Sisi: Nile dam deal can be ‘win-win’ but talks cannot be indefinite

--Ethiopia Rejects Egyptian, Sudanese Warnings Against Filling GERD

--Sudan gets initial approval for international mediation in GERD dispute

--Ethiopia saying it will fill GERD regardless of deal reflects intention to impose fait accompli: Egypt's foreign ministry

--GERD: Egypt-Sudan rapprochement

--Ethiopia saying it Ethiopia Reaffirms GERD 2nd Filling in Coming Rainy Season

--Government rejects outside mediation in Nile dam dispute

--Why Somalia is important for Egypt in Nile dam crisis

--Ethiopia rejects outside mediators in dam dispute

--Ethiopia did not receive Sudan, Egypt’s suggestion for international mediation in GERD talks: Ethiopian Foreign Ministry

--US Aims to Facilitate Solution That Ends GERD Dispute

--A binding deal in GERD dispute paves way for investments in Nile Basin countries: Egypt irrigation minister

--Egypt, Sudan call on Ethiopia to respond to UN offer over GERD impasse

--Egypt and Sudan welcome UN’s support for mediation to solve GERD issue

--Sudan proposed expanding mediation on GERD to reach common ground: Irrigation minister

--GERD: Egypt, Sudan hope for binding deal

--Egypt, Sudan coordinate positions in Nile dam file

--Ethiopia-Sudan: Could New Mediators Resolve GERD Dispute? – Analysis

--Sudan’s PM in Cairo to discuss Ethiopia’s Nile dam dispute

--Sudan’s PM in Cairo to discuss Ethiopia’s Nile dam dispute

--Egypt's FM Shoukry tackles GERD, regional developments with EU high representative of foreign affairs

--Dam issue with Ethiopia must be resolved, Sudan’s Hamdok says during Egypt visit

--Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia’s GERD: Sudanese FM Al-Mahdi discusses Khartoum's foreign policy

--Egypt, EU discuss Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam crisis

--UN role may be last chance to amicably resolve GERD crisis

--Ethiopia rejects international mediation proposal

--Sudan seeks other options if Ethiopia insists on filling reservoir unilaterally

--Ethiopia voices rejections to international quartet involvement in GERD negotiations

--Egypt hopes to resume talks with Ethiopia on Grand Renaissance Dam

--Egypt, Sudan reject Ethiopia’s unilateral plan to start second GERD filling with or without deal: Sisi

--Could new mediators finally resolve the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam dispute?

--Egyptian president: We must reach legal agreement on Ethiopian dam

--Ethiopia renews commitment to AU mediation in dam talks

--Egyptian President Sisi discusses GERD dispute, bilateral cooperation with Guinea-Bissau's president

--An Egypt-Sudan defence pact protects the Nile

--S. Sudan cautiously studying Nile water treaty

--Ethiopia ‘ready to negotiate in good faith’, says Foreign Ministry


--Ethiopia says inviting other parties into GERD negotiations ‘demeans’ African Union efforts

--Egypt and Sudan hope to reach agreement with Ethiopia on dam

--US supports ‘constructive’ efforts to reach deal on GERD dispute: State Department Spokesman

--Egypt and Sudan sign defence pact and blame Ethiopia for stalled dam talks

--GERD agreement shall ensure no harm caused to downstream countries: Egypt's Sisi

--Egypt and Sudan back DR Congo to mediate Nile dam deadlock

--Egypt, Sudan Seek Quartet Help in Ethiopia Dam Talks

--Egypt, Sudan voice concern over possible 2nd phase filling of Ethiopia's Nile dam

--Saudi Arabia wants in on Nile dam dispute

--Scholars highlight significance of negotiation among tripartite countries

--Egypt points to flaws in Renaissance Dam, reveals upcoming measures

--Egypt briefs Arab, European ambassadors on developments in GERD dispute

--Egypt insists on securing its water rights while preserving interests of all parties in any GERD accord: Minister

--Egypt backs call to internationalize Ethiopia dam dispute

--Egypt backs Sudanese proposal to form int'l quartet committee to mediate GERD negotiations: FM

--Khartoum Calls for Internationalizing GERD Talks

--Egypt turns to Russia for help with desalination plants amid Nile dam crisis

--Biden changes tack on Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam as 2023 end date confirmed

--Sudan owns land where Ethiopia built dam, claims ex-negotiator

--Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam to be fully operational by 2023 – Minister

--Sudan Plans for 'Negative Effects' of Ethiopia Filling GERD

--Sudan intensifies tone against Ethiopia over filling of the Great Renaissance Dam

-- Saudi Arabia seeks to see resolution to Ethiopian Dam crisis: Minister Kattan

--GERD to See Completion By 2023 - Minister

--Egyptian Govt Receives Parliament’s Support in GERD Dispute

--Talks in Sudan Over Repercussions of GERD’s Second Filling

--Cairo Warns Addis Ababa Against Filling GERD Before Reaching Agreement

--Egyptian minister: Renaissance Dam negotiations did not reach desired results
--US believes negotiated solution in GERD dispute is 'possible,' says State Department spokesperson
-- No tangible results achieved in AU-sponsored GERD negotiations, Egypt's FM tells Finnish counterpart
--Ethiopia Tells Egypt it is Willing to Solve GERD Dispute
--Ethiopia: Govt Says GERD 2nd Filling Inevitable
--Renaissance Dam: Sudan responds to Ethiopia's threat, prepares for the worst
--Why is the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam contentious?
--Will Sudan-Ethiopia border conflict affect GERD talks?
--Dear Ethiopia — an open letter
--Renaissance Dam: Sudan responds to Ethiopia's threat, prepares for the worst
--Ethiopia says will not halt GERD’s second filling in July
-- GERD talks: What was achieved under South Africa's AU chairmanship; what to expect under DRC
--New AU chair Tshisekedi seeks end to Ethiopia dam dispute
--Egypt Confronting Ethiopia’s Swift Filling of Nile Dam with Fierce Negotiations
--Egypt looks to Congo for breakthrough on Nile Dam talks
--Egypt's El Sisi confident of reaching agreement on Ethiopia's Nile dam
--Sudan Minister - Filling Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam in July threatens Sudan's security
--Sudan looks forward for continued African mediation over GERD issue
--Sudan warns against further filling of Ethiopian Nile dam
--Egypt’s Sisi reiterates trust in AU role in helping resolve GERD issue
--Unlike Downstream Countries, Ethiopia Believes in Resolving GERD Issues through Negotiation”
--Unlike Downstream Countries, Ethiopia Believes in Resolving GERD Issues through Negotiation”
--Over 78 Percent of Renaissance Dam Completed
--2nd phase of GERD filling without deal to have ‘disastrous impact’ on Sudan: PM Hamdok
--Egypt welcomes US mediation to help break high-stakes deadlock over Nile dam
--Ethiopia showing ‘no political will whatsoever’ to reach deal on Nile Dam, says Egyptian Ambassador Motaz Zahran
--Egypt Intensifies Diplomatic Efforts to Resolve GERD Dispute
--Arab League: Ethiopia must respect Nile rights of Egypt, Sudan
--Sudan and Egypt draw closer over GERD
--Further breakdowns on the GERD
--GERD negotiations reach a dead-end
--Sudan minister warns Ethiopia against filling dam without deal
--Egyptian ambassador to US briefs Congressional aides on Cairo's stance in the GERD dispute
--As Ethiopia fills its Nile dam, regional rivalries overflow
--Africa: Shoukry Discusses GERD, Next AU Summit With AUC Chief
--Egypt Rejects Any Measure that Violates its Nile Water Rights
--New parties emerge to try to break deadlock in Nile dam negotiations
--Egypt lobbyist Ed Royce touts green cred in fight over Ethiopia’s Nile dam
--Ethiopia hires US lobby firm amid rising tensions over Nile dam
--Egypt assembles bipartisan powerhouse lobbying team for post-Trump era
--Ministry lauds outgoing AU chairperson’s role in GERD talks
--South Sudan blames floods on controversial Ethiopian mega dam
--South Sudan blames floods on controversial Ethiopian mega dam
--Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam generates grand hostility with Egypt
--Egypt's Embassy in Vienna Organizes Seminar over Ethiopian Dam
--Egypt embarks on new project in Congo amid faltering Nile dam talks
--Egypt's Embassy in Vienna Organizes Seminar over Ethiopian Dam
--Egypt Warns Ethiopia against Holding Nile ‘Hostage’
--GERD: Pouring fuel on fire
--Egypt will not compromise on its water rights: Foreign Minister
--Cairo Accuses Addis Ababa of ‘Intransigence’ in GERD Talks
--Sudan holds meetings with ambassadors of UN security council countries over GERD
--Egypt's irrigation minister accuses Ethiopia of disrupting GERD negotiations
--Sudan reiterates concerns over planned 2nd GERD filling without binding deal
--Blinken warns Nile Dam talks could ‘boil over’
--Secretary of State Confirmation Hearing
--Opinion| Egypt seeks no halt to Ethiopian prosperity and development
--UAE steps in to ease Nile dam crisis
--Why the sudden shift in Sudan’s position in Nile dam dossier?
--Britain understands Sudan's position on Ethiopia dam negotiations, says ambassador
--China at the heart of rising Nile River conflict
--Sudan rejects 'fait accompli policy' in GERD dispute
--Egypt's Sisi discusses Ethiopia border dispute, GERD with Sudanese delegation
--Sudan has 'grave concern' from the second filling of Ethiopia's GERD: Minister
--GERD: Beating the clock
--Egypt’s intelligence chief heads to Sudan amid stalled Nile dam talks
--GERD: Sudan-induced stalemate
--Sudan and Ethiopia: Tensions mounting
--Sudan appeals AU to play bigger role in Ethiopia's Nile dam talks
--Egypt’s intelligence chief heads to Sudan amid stalled Nile dam talks Read more:
--New Impasse Hinders Resumption of GERD Talks
--Egypt says no progress in Renaissance Dam negotiations
--Nile dam talks hit yet another snarl

--Egypt says no progress in Renaissance Dam negotiations

--Negotiations over Ethiopia dam project break down

--Ethiopia begins constructing new dam in northern Amhara region

--The Nile and beyond: geopolitics of water

--Egypt must accept that the Nile belongs to Ethiopia and 8 other African states

--Reports of filling Nile dam false, Ethiopia tells Sudan

--As Seasonal Rains Fall, Dispute Over Nile Dam Rushes Toward a Reckoning

--KAGWANJA: Addis-Egypt tussle over Nile waters is a test for African unity

--Nile dam: Sudan says talks to break deadlock will be held on Tuesday

--African mini-summit on Renaissance Dam slated for Tuesday

--Tensions mount as Egypt, Ethiopia fail to reach dam deal

--Is diplomacy running out on Egypt-Ethiopia dispute over Nile dam?

--Why Filling Ethiopia’s Mega-Dam Riles Nile Region

Egyptian President Sisi discusses GERD dispute, bilateral cooperation with Guinea-Bissau's president

Ethiopia renews commitment to AU mediation in dam talks

An uphill battle

Satellite Images Show Ethiopia Dam Reservoir Is Rising

Filling of Ethiopian reservoir ‘probably seasonal rain' as Nile talks end without a deal

Satellite images show Ethiopia dam reservoir swelling

Satellite images show Ethiopia dam reservoir swelling

Ethiopia says ‘negotiated agreement’ only way to resolve GERD differences

Egypt says 'significant harm' to water security from GERD would be a 'red line'

Ethiopia Open to Continue Nile Dam Talks Amid Dispute With Egypt

Nile talks end with no deal

Sudan says 'limited progress' achieved during GERD talks

Nile Dam row: Egypt and Ethiopia generate heat but no power

The politics of water: Ethiopia, Egypt and Israel

UPDATED: No agreement so far on GERD technical, legal points: Egypt

Egyptian government rejects incomplete deal on Ethiopian dam

Tensions escalate between Egypt, Ethiopia with no end in sight of Nile dam

Lavrov: Russia offered technical assistance on Renaissance Dam to Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan

Sudan Presents Vision for Settlement of Disagreement Points Between Three Countries

Nile Dam row: Egypt and Ethiopia generate heat but no power

Egypt and Ethiopia: The Curse of the Nile

Ethiopia to start filling GERD during current heavy rain season: PM

Ethiopia Blames Egypt Over Unrest, Vows to Fill Mega Dam

Egypt says Ethiopia’s unilateral filling of GERD contradicts negotiations

Ethiopia PM: We will start filling Renaissance Dam

Sudan: Tripartite Meetings On GERD Negotiations Continue

The Nile water dispute is not a zero-sum game

GERD: 1959 Egypt/Sudan treaty -‘The worst agreement Khartoum could have signed’

Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia return to talks over disputed dam

MELES: Ethiopia is committed to agreements on mega dam

Dispute over Nile project moves to African Union

Sudan Announces Resumption Gerd Talks

Egypt ready to resume Nile dam talks with 'very flexible' proposals

Sudan Team Continue Preparations to Resume Dam Negotiations

AU-brokered talks over GERD to resume in next few days: Sudan

Talks on Ethiopia’s dam will resume within days: Sudan

The Nile and the dam: Can Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan find a way forward?

Egypt Warns Ethiopian Mega-Dam May Provoke Conflict, Crises

Water Wars: Could the dispute over GERD project push Egypt and Ethiopia closer to an armed conflict?

Egypt's speech at the UN Security Council on GERD: Full document

Cairo Reject Any Agreement Undermines Its Water Rights

Federation of Egyptian Banks denies funding GERD: eletreby

Can Arab League push Ethiopia to delay filling of Nile dam?

Egypt Complains of ‘Water Struggles’ as Security Council Tackles Dam Crisis with Ethiopia

Saudi Cabinet calls for talks over Ethiopian dam

Egypt says Ethiopia withheld security system info and construction updates on GERD

Sudan once again asks UNSC to stop Ethiopia from filling GERD before deal; US continues pressure as SC prepares for another meeting

Ethiopia says GERD has no legitimate place in Security Council; Sudan calls for fair agreement

Water cooperation between States ‘key’ to Blue Nile dam project

Ethiopia says it's set to begin filling disputed dam in 2 weeks

UN Security Council discusses Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

China stresses non-interference in HK issue with Egypt, Ethiopia

'It's my dam': Ethiopians unite around Nile River mega-project

150 million lives at risk over Ethiopia's Nile dam, Egypt tells UN Security Council

150 million lives at risk over Ethiopia's Nile dam, Egypt tells UN Security Council

Egypt, Ethiopia discuss Nile dam dispute at UN Security Council

Ethiopia to begin filling Nile dam in 2 weeks

Ethiopia, Egypt trade words over Nile sharing treaty

An Egyptian cyber attack on Ethiopia by hackers is the latest strike over the Grand Dam

Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan agree to delay filling dam

Egypt warns of 'existential threat' from Ethiopia dam

UNSC to meet on Ethiopia dam

Egypt, Sudan: Ethiopia won’t fill disputed dam before accord

UPDATED: Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan agree to delay filling Nile dam until deal is reached

Ethiopia says on track to fill mega-dam as African Union pushes for deal

Egypt seeks UN resolution on Nile dam dispute

Clock ticks on push to resolve Egypt-Ethiopia row over giant Nile dam

Ethiopia to fill Nile dam in July even if 'no agreement reached'

Egypt: As Nile Dam Tensions Rise, 'Miscalculation' Could Lead to Conflict

Energy-hungry Ethiopians unconcerned about Egypt's Nile dam fears

Energy-hungry Ethiopians unconcerned about Egypt's Nile dam fears

Energy-hungry Ethiopians unconcerned about Egypt's Nile dam fears

Dam dispute heats up between Egypt and Ethiopia

Egypt: Filling Ethiopia dam will lead to ‘prolonged drought’

African Union to hold emergency meeting to discuss GERD ahead of UN Security Council session

Official: UNSC will not interfere in Ethiopia dam issue

Sudan re-declines Ethiopian offer for bilateral agreement on GERD filling

'Millions at risk' if Ethiopia fills dam unilaterally, Sudan warns

Divide and survive: Ethiopia's relations with the Gulf and Turkey

Egypt ready to resume negotiations over Nile dam if Ethiopia has intention to reach deal

A zero-sum game

Hamdok to Asharq Al-Awsat: Our Relations With US Are Advancing, No Fear with Ethiopia

Khartoum says Ethiopian dam poses risk to Sudan dams

Sudan says GERD's potential benefits could 'turn into risks'

The Congressional Black Caucus Statement on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam [press release]

Sudan considers addressing UN Security Council over Ethiopia's disputed dam

Egypt seeks Nile water-sharing deal through GERD filling process: Ethiopia tells Security Council

Egypt's FM Shoukry, US Secretary of State Pompeo exchange viewpoints on Libya, GERD

Sudan’s premier, U.S. Treasury Mnuchin say final agreement needed on GERD

Africa: Ethiopia Rejects UN Security Council Role in Dam Dispute

UN urges commitment to international law in GERD crisis

Sudan says Arab resolution on Ethiopian dam agreed with Egypt

Water security of Egypt, Sudan is ‘inseparable' from Arab national security: Arab foreign ministers

Arab League urges Ethiopia to delay filling Nile dam

Egypt urges Arab support for resumption of Ethiopia's GERD talks

FM: Egypt will take ‘clear action’ if UN talks on Ethiopia dam fail

Egypt says UN must stop Ethiopia on dam fill

Exclusive: Egypt's letter to UN Security Council on GERD

Nile Dam Dispute Escalates Ahead of UN Security Council Debate

Ethiopia: Any Agreement That Deny Ethiopia's Future Dev't Rights Is Unacceptable - FM Gedu

Exclusive: Egypt's letter to UN Security Council on GERD

“Warmongering” charge as Ethiopia insists Nile dam will start filling next month

Egypt Seeks Support of Major Powers on GERD Dispute

Egypt wishes for no UN sanctions against Ethiopia over GERD issue: Foreign Minister

Rumours about Egyptian military base in South Sudan

Egypt’s historic and natural claims fallacy over the Nile

Ethiopia to fill contested dam as Nile talks falter

Egypt asks UN to intervene in GERD dam dispute

Nile dam dispute requires UN action, says Egyptian foreign minister

Nile dam talks: unlocking a dangerous stalemate

Water conflict between Egypt and Ethiopia: a defining moment for both countries

Water conflict between Egypt and Ethiopia: a defining moment for both countries

Trouble as Trump dives into the dispute over Ethiopia's Nile mega-dam

Ethiopia to fill disputed dam, deal or no deal: Minister

Egypt calls on UN to intervene after impasse in Nile dam talks

Egypt requests UN Security Council’s intervention over Ethiopia’s Nile dam

AP Interview: Ethiopia to fill disputed dam, deal or no deal Daily Mail

Could the Nile dispute be an opportunity to boost freshwater technology?

Sudan rejects Ethiopia Nile dam filling

Ethiopian dam talks stall with proposal for mediation by PMs

Ethiopia, Egypt Exchange Accusations on Deadlocked Renaissance Dam Talks

Sudan says talks on Ethiopia's Nile dam did not produce deal

Sudan: Files of Differences On GERD Referred to Prime Ministers of Three Countries

Ethiopia: Nile Dam Talks - A Short Window to Embrace Compromise

Sudan and Ethiopia: Border dispute will be resolved by law

Sudan wants PMs to resolve Nile dam deadlock

Egypt says dam talks deadlocked as Ethiopia rejects a binding deal

US NSC says 'time to get GERD deal done' before Ethiopia starts filling process

GERD talks end after Ethiopia rejects Egypt’s proposals Min

US NSC urges Ethiopia to reach a deal on GERD

Impasse reached in GERD negotiations; Sudan requests referral to prime ministers

The Nile's Ancient Politics are Resurfacing on a Mega-Project Ethiopian Dam Deal by Nicholas Pritchard

Regarding the dam

Ethiopia will rethink before filling GERD reservoir without trilateral agreement: Sudan Foreign Minister

Is GERD negotiations witnessing real ‘progress’?

Al Mariam's Private Letter to U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Talks

Is Egypt Secretly Planning a Proxy War on Ethiopia?

Egypt seeks to refer GERD’s issue to Security Council: Ethiopia’s FM

Sudan and the developing dynamics of Nile waters utilization

Egypt could lodge complaint to UNSC over Ethiopia’s obstinacy on GERD: Shoukry

Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan continue talks over disputed Nile dam on Tuesday

What can Cairo do about the chaos over its western border, and its ongoing differences with Addis Ababa over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam?

GERD & Ethiopian Water Resources: Is it an 'Aspiration for Hydropower' or 'Hegemony for Water Power'?!

Ethiopia’s ploys on the GERD

Ethiopia refuses to address drought mitigation measures in GERD talks: Egypt’s Irrigation Ministry

Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia to resume giant Nile dam talks Tuesday

Egypt will seek other options if Ethiopia remains intransigent: Foreign minister

Ethiopia says Cairo to blame if GERD talks falter as stalemate continues

Ethiopia retracts from Washington agreement on GERD’s filling: Egypt

Egypt accuses Ethiopia of holding it ‘hostage’ in Nile dam talks

Egypt exploits Sudan-Ethiopia tension to advance position in GERD talks Read more:

Sudan reports progress on Ethiopia’s dam filling talks

Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan agree to continue GERD negotiations on Monday

Ethiopia’s new GERD proposal retreats on previous agreed principles, says Egypt

Egypt declares end of Renaissance Dam negotiations due to Ethiopia's stubbornness

Latest round of GERD negotiations ‘faltering’: sources

Meeting on GERD negotiations' resumption is not positive: Egypt's Irrigation Ministry

Ethiopia’s new GERD proposal retreats on previous agreed principles, says Egypt

Egypt won't go back to square one in GERD negotiations: Irrigation ministry spox

Three Nile countries continue discussions on filing of Ethiopian dam

Ethiopia promises to present comprehensive proposal for GERD meetings: Sudanese irrigation ministry

Sisi, Trump discuss GERD and Libya developments

Egypt calls on Ethiopia to commit to 'no unilateral action' on GERD before end of negotiations

Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia ministers hold virtual meeting over Nile dam

Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia to hold 'daily' talks over Nile dam

Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to discuss Renaissance dame filing

Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan agree to expedite meetings ahead of GERD filing?

GERD’s Issue: Blue Nile status quo violates customary international law

Another obstacle on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam?

GERD could threaten ‘lives and safety of millions of Sudanese,’ Khartoum tells UN Security Council

Ethiopia GERD: Let us work for sustainable solution

Ethiopia and Egypt are pushing each other to the brink in a battle for control on the river Nile

Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam: A last chance for diplomacy

Egypt’s right to water

Misusing the Nile

Further escalation in Nile dam dispute must be avoided: EU foreign policy chief

EU calls for mutually beneficial settlement for Ethiopian dam dispute

The 2015 Declaration of Principles is not a treaty and Ethiopia does not have obligations therefrom

Abiy, Hamdok agree to convene tripartite meeting on Ethiopia dam

Egypt is ready for 'serious and constructive' talks with Ethiopia, Sudan over GERD: Foreign ministry

Resolving the impasse on GERD negotiations

Ethiopian pitfalls

Cairo and Khartoum versus Addis Ababa

Ethiopian ruses

Sudan, Egypt say tripartite agreement on Ethiopian dam is crucial

Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to resume technical talks on GERD

Egypt, Sudan officials discuss all aspects of Ethiopia’s disputed dam: Foreign ministry

Egypt, Ethiopia, Prepare for War over Nile Dam

The Nile River: Tackling an arising African conflict

Egypt, Sudan officials discuss all aspects of Ethiopia’s disputed dam: Foreign ministry

Ethiopia tells UNSC it has no legal obligation to seek Egypt’s approval to fill the dam

Egypt-Ethiopia Nile water dispute: A timeline

Ethiopia defends plan to begin filling Nile dam

Sudan rejects Ethiopia proposal to sign Nile mega-dam agreement

UN head urges Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to resolve GERD crisis peacefully

Ethiopia tells UNSC it has no legal obligation to seek Egypt’s approval to fill the dam

Sudan's DUP asserts necessity of reaching agreement on GERD

Nile: River of discord between Egypt and Ethiopia

Egypt could file complaint with UN Security Council if Ethiopia insists on filling GERD in July: Experts

Sudan has more fears than hopes around the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: Sudanese minister

Sudan rejects Ethiopian proposal on GERD filling, says deal lacks technical, legal aspects

GERD: The end game

Ethiopia firm on commencing GERD filling in July, says Egypt, Sudan turndown proposal on filling

Ethiopia to start filling GERD in July despite lack of agreement with Egypt, Sudan

Egypt, Sudan refused Ethiopia’s proposal for disputed Nile Dam: Cairo tells UN Security Council

Egypt sent letter about GERD crisis to UN Security Council - Foreign Minister

GERD: Khartoum moves closer to Cairo

Patriots’ Victory Day and the Nile: Blood and water inks of generations

The international media’s misrepresentation of Ethiopia on the GERD

Egypt’s gunboat diplomacy and Ethiopia’s win-win approach on GERD negotiation

Can Trump resolve the Egypt-Ethiopia Nile dam dispute?

Ethiopia: Dam dispute stokes anti-Egypt feelings

Does Ethiopia want to resolve the Grand Renaissance Dam crisis?

Revisiting Sudan’s Nile position

Water rivalry on the Nile

At the roots of the GERD

Petition to preserve Egyptians' right to Nile water amasses over 112,000 signatures

Nile Dispute: Taming the elephant in the room

Historical and Natural Ownership Rights of Abay (Nile) River

Egypt’s clandestine desires can only be foiled with strong diplomacy, quick measures

The GERD trap –can Ethiopia come out a winner?

US ambassador blasts Trump, Mnuchin on Ethiopia-Egypt dispute

No messing around with Ethiopia’s sovereignty

The Sleazy Propaganda Conspiracy by the Axis of Lies, Fake News and Disinformation (ALFND) to Demonize Ethiopia in the GERD (Nile) Dam “Agreement"

Bait and Switch Diplomacy: Is the U.S. an “Observer”, A “Facilitator” or a Snake Oil Diplomatic Salesman in the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance (Hedase) Dam Discussions?

Fighting Tooth and Nail the Axis of Lies, Fake News and Disinformation Waging a Propaganda War on Ethiopia in the GERD (Hedase) Dam “Agreement” (Part II)es

The Grand Renaissance Dam, Ethiopia, Egypt and the United States

The United States Must Not Pick Sides in the Nile River Dispute

Egypt Seeks African Support on Nile Dam Dispute with Ethiopia

Morocco shows support for Egypt in conflict with Ethiopia over Nile Dam

Egypt's FM Shoukry, South Africa's Ramaphosa discuss Ethiopian dam issue

Egyptian parliament postpones GERD meeting amid coronavirus measures

Egypt’s foreign minister in Burundi to seek support on Ethiopian mega-dam dispute

Shoukry to embark on African tour Tuesday

Waging water wars on the Arab region

A viable compromise

Sudan will mediate Egypt-Ethiopia dam dispute, general says

Ethiopia won’t be forced by US on dam, foreign minister says

The United States Must Not Pick Sides in the Nile River Dispute

Egypt alarmed over Sudan's siding with Ethiopia in Nile water dispute

Ethiopia’s sovereign rights shall never be reversed

Sudan urges Egypt, Ethiopia to resume talks on Nile dam

Ethiopia Working on New Proposal on Filling, Operation of GERD

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